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How to Choose the Right Type of Stove for Your Home

When it comes to home features, stoves are highly popular for providing not only a delightful and interesting visual appeal but also serving as an efficient heating solution when temperatures drop during the colder seasons.

Before deciding on the stove to use for your home, there are several key factors to keep in mind.

The Requirements

It is important to determine the specific fuel type you require. The installation requirements for stoves can vary depending on whether you opt for a wood-burning stove, multifuel stove, natural gas stove, LPG gas stove, electric stove, or solid smokeless stove or fire.

Expert Recommendation

It is highly recommended to ask for recommendations from your local specialists. They will collaborate with you to discuss your installation plans and will make sure that you are compliant with building regulations. They can also provide bespoke recommendations based on your chosen fuel type. Wood-burning, multifuel, and gas stoves typically have more stringent requirements compared to electric fires so consulting a professional will help you determine the correct installation requirements based on your location.

The Details

During your consultation with the installer, you will also discuss your heat output requirements and decide whether the new stove will be installed in an existing fireplace, as a freestanding unit, or within another existing wall.

The Heat Output

Selecting the appropriate stove size and heat output is crucial due to variations in heating requirements for each room. If the heat output is too excessive or insufficient, it can lead to inefficiency and potential overheating.

The Amount of Heat Your Space Needs

Evaluate the characteristics of the room: Does it have high ceilings? Is it well insulated? Are there double-glazed windows? Is it an open-plan layout? – all of these factors contribute to your decision-making process. A useful step is to calculate the room’s cubic measurement. Multiply the width, height, and length of the room in meters, then divide the result by 14. This calculation provides an estimated kW output required for the space.

The Stove Style

The choice of stove style plays a crucial role in both the aesthetics and functionality of your home. The stove serves as a focal point, adding character and charm to the living space. Selecting the right style ensures that it harmonises with the interior design and enhances the visual appeal of the room.

Different stove styles also offer varied features and functionalities, and by carefully considering the stove style, you can optimise the heating efficiency, ensure proper space utilisation, and create a cosy ambience that complements the overall atmosphere of your home.


If you need stove installations in Stoke on Trent or near your location, contact Farmhouse Stoves right away. As specialists in the field, we offer a wide selection of stove options, available from our Stoke on Trent and throughout the UK.

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