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Ekol, the easier, cleaner way to burn wood.

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For more information about Ekol stoves and DEFRA click here

All Ekol stoves are DEFRA Exempt/Approved for burning wood in any part of the UK including any smoke control area, city or town.

The Ultra-Cleanburning Technology of Ekol Stoves which achieves this also makes for an easy-to-use stove with a unique flame pattern which is simply mesmerising. Less ash is produced, and less cleaning of the stove and chimney is required. The result is a much-improved experience taking the effort out of wood-burning.

The Clarity range is a State-Of-the Art Hybrid stove, using the ultimate combination of heavy cast iron inner components along with dense refractory firebrick linings and precision-engineered outer steel shell up to 10mm thick.

Available in low and high-bodied versions, all are designed with large windows for maximum views of the fire.

This stove is available with optional light-reactive Mirror stove glass. The glass has been developed to hide unsightly fire ash and tar marks when the stove is off and allows the fire to be viewed normally when in use. A very smart feature. Please select from the drop-down menu at the top.

– Rated at 5kW so normally no vent is required

– Compact body design can fit into a Standard 16″ Opening

– Exceeds Stringent DEFRA Smoke Testing, with average emissions under one-third of the allowed limit for Defra Appliance Exemption.

– Advanced Hybrid Construction – Thick steel body with solid cast iron door and inner components.

– Low Maintenance

– Ultra Clean-Burning Technology

– Crystal-Clear Glass “Clarity-X” Airwash System

– 2 – 5kW Optimal Operating Range

– Multifuel Capable

– All Ekol Crystal Stoves are available with optional Mirror-Ceramic Glass

– Suitable for use on a 12mm hearth

– Suitable for 5″ flue liner or twin wall flue


Heat output: 5 kW

Height: 533

Width: 397

Depth: 317

Approx weight: 72 kgs

Flue Size: 5″ (125mm)

Back of stove to the centre of top flue: 120mm
Floor to centre of rear flue: 430mm

Advantages of Multi-Fuel Stoves

1.) Multiple Ways to Generate Heat

As stated previously, the name says it all. Not only can you burn wood logs to generate the heat, but smokeless fuels and eco-friendly solid fuels will also work – as long as they are approved for use in smoke-controlled areas. These stoves are constructed and designed in such a way they allow multiple different fuels to be used without problems.

2.) Easily Removed Debris

Multi-fuel stoves have built-in ash pans located beneath the grate that collects all cinders and ash allowing for easy and safe removal of any debris. This ensures the longevity of the stove by keeping it debris free – allowing the functionality of the stove to be maintained for many years.

3.) Doesn’t Rely on any Power

More than likely one of the most prominent reasons why someone would be attracted to these fireplaces, besides the overall look of the stove, is that they’re not reliant on any external power. So if you find yourself amidst a power cut in the winter, you can keep cosy around a nice, warm fire – powered by something other than electricity.

4.) Reduction in Energy Consumption

One of the prime ways you can save on energy bills is through a multi-fuel stove, which has no other cost attached to it other than the fuel you purchase. With a multi-fuel stove, you can warm up the desired area promptly and efficiently.

5.) Sturdy and Durable Enclosure

It’s safe to say that once you buy a multi-fuel stove, you’ll have it with you for many years. Due to its durable nature, confined by solid steel, it’ll serve you until you feel as though you decide you want a new one.

6.) Overall Look and Feel

Multi Fuel stoves have a retro feel and look about them, which makes them much more desirable. They have been around for decades and are tried and tested. They look the part too.

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