Ekol Inset Plus 5kW


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Ekol, the easier, cleaner way to burn wood.

Available in Black, Glossy Black, Ivory, and Red


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For more information about Ekol stoves and DEFRA click here

All Ekol stoves are DEFRA Exempt/Approved for burning wood in any part of the UK including any smoke control area, city or town.

The Ultra-Cleanburning Technology of Ekol Stoves which achieves this also makes for an easy to use stove with a unique flame pattern which is simply mesmerising. Less ash is produced, less cleaning of the stove and chimney is required. The result is a much improved experience taking the effort out of wood-burning.

Ekol use State-of-the-Art CAD design alongside Fluid-Dynamics research and development tools. We strive to achieve the ‘perfect burn’ so that your experience with your new stove is close to effortless.

Our Inset models are designed to fit into a standard fireplace opening with fireback removed, but equally could be built into the wall higher up for a more contemporary feel.


Ekol Inset Plus

Price: £1199




Distance to combustibles = 600mm to top / 150mm to sides



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