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Saltfire Bignut 5

The Bignut-5 shares the same body and overall dimensions as the Peanut 8, but with slightly smaller (still big though) firebox inside. The inside of the stove is fully lined with heavy cast iron panels, (great for heat retention and very robust), and with a secondary side plate lining of vermiculite (good for bouncing fire-box heat into the room through the large window).


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High-Quality Saltfire Bignut 5

Here at Farmhouse Stoves, we offer a wide range of Saltfire Bignut 5 stoves to our customers. Our Saltfire Bignut 5 stoves are designed to offer an authentic look, when both in and not in operation. Our team have years of experience working with Saltfire Bignut 5 stoves and has the knowledge needed to provide expert advice to our customers. Our full range of Saltfire Bignut 5 stoves are available to view and buy online or you are more than welcome to give us a call to discuss a new order. We are a HETAS-approved retailer and always recommend and use HETAS-approved installers for our Saltfire Bignut 5 stoves. Our range of Saltfire Bignut 5 stoves are suitable for all types of styles and budgets. Having supplied gas stoves for many years, we have developed a well-known reputation for the quality of the gas stoves we offer. If you’re interested in having a new Saltfire Bignut 5 stove installed be sure to contact us today or browse our range online.

Why Choose the Saltfire Bignut 5?

Larger capacity ‘Bignut-5’ – A physically larger version of the Peanut, still rated at 5kW nominal (official output), but with the extra capacity, more physical size and takes longer logs. The Bignut-5 has a variable output range from 2kW up to a maximum of 8kW with easy-to-operate fingertip controls. A huge viewing window for superb views of the fire. Full cast-iron inner secondary lining plates (fire bricks), for maximum heat retention and are extremely robust. Features

  • Normally for houses built before 2008, an additional air vent in the room is NOT
  • required. 5kW nominal (official) output – 2 to 8kW controllable output (For physical dimensions see the dimensions image)
  • Viewing Window size = 357mm wide by 287mm high (huge)
  • Firebox width = 345mm (takes big logs)
  • Available in regular (short) and tall height options

Choosing your Saltfire Stove from Farmhouse Stoves

When it comes to choosing your Saltfire stove it can be very confusing, there are several Saltfire stoves available to buy on the market with a range of features including, different styles, sizes and heat outputs all with claims of varying technology and efficiency…. the list is endless. The professionals here at Farmhouse Stove can help advise on the perfect Saltfire stove for your property, as keen stove users ourselves and having worked with numerous customers, we have a wealth of experience. We can provide you with impartial advice and the assistance and information you need to make sure you choose the right stove for you. We can then supply your stove offering discounts on the manufacturer’s recommended price.

Experienced Saltfire Bignut 5 Installers

At Farmhouse Stoves as well as providing quality Saltfire Bignut 5 stoves, we are HETA approved when it comes to Saltfire Bignut 5 stove installations, as well as being Gas Safe Registered. Our HETA-approved installers will come to your home and carry out a survey on your property, free of charge, between us we will come up with the best solution for you and ensure you get the correct stove for your needs. At Farmhouse Stoves we are a registered member of HETAS (Heating Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme) which is the independent UK body recognised by DEFRA for undertaking the testing of fuels, appliances and any associated equipment. This means we can self-certify all installations negating the need for correspondence with your local council. Upon completion, we test the stove for operation and issue a HETAS Certificate of Compliance. This shows that the appliance has been correctly installed to Part J building regulations. The information can be required to validate your home insurance and will be required for any home selling process.

Why Choose Farmhouse Stoves for Saltfire Bignut 5 Stoves?

Here at Farmhouse Stoves our professional team of Saltfire Bignut 5 stove installers has been providing customers with a range of high-quality and industry-leading Saltfire Bignut 5 stoves for several years now. With years of experience and a wealth of knowledge, you can rest assured that your Saltfire Bignut 5 stove installation will be complete to the highest standard. We have an excellent reputation for the services we provide and the installations we carry out. We have many happy customers and have listened to their feedback, believe some of the reasons you should choose us are:

  • Several Saltfire Bignut 5 stove options to choose from
  • Local company with a well-known reputation
  • Expert team on hand to assist
  • Fantastic prices for stoves
  • Something to suit all requirements

When you are searching for Saltfire Bignut 5 stove installations near me, look no further. Farmhouse Stoves have a wide range of quality and affordable Saltfire Bignut stoves, why settle for a cheap stove option when you can have the best from Farmhouse Stoves? Visit our showroom and view the full range for yourself, or if you know what you want to buy already, shop online now.

For Saltfire Bignut 5 Stoves, Contact Farmhouse Stoves Today

Should you be in search of Saltfire Bignut 5 stoves or Saltfire Bignut 5 stove installations ] then be sure to get in touch with the team at Farmhouse Stoves today. We stock and supply a range of high-quality Saltfire Bignut 5 stoves that are available across the local area. With a selection of only the highest quality Saltfire Bignut 5 stoves available. At Farmhouse Stoves, our team of specialists will help you find the right Saltfire Bignut stove to suit your requirements. When you choose Farmhouse Stoves for your Saltfire Bignut 5 stoves or stove installations, you’ll receive professional service and top-quality product, there’s no need to go anywhere else, simply contact us today.


Advantages of Multi-Fuel Stoves

1.) Multiple Ways to Generate Heat

As stated previously, the name says it all. Not only can you burn wood logs to generate the heat, but smokeless fuels and eco-friendly solid fuels will also work – as long as they are approved for use in smoke-controlled areas. These stoves are constructed and designed in such a way they allow multiple different fuels to be used without problems.

2.) Easily Removed Debris

Multi-fuel stoves have built-in ash pans located beneath the grate that collects all cinders and ash allowing for easy and safe removal of any debris. This ensures the longevity of the stove by keeping it debris free – allowing the functionality of the stove to be maintained for many years.

3.) Doesn’t Rely on any Power

More than likely one of the most prominent reasons why someone would be attracted to these fireplaces, besides the overall look of the stove, is that they’re not reliant on any external power. So if you find yourself amidst a power cut in the winter, you can keep cosy around a nice, warm fire – powered by something other than electricity.

4.) Reduction in Energy Consumption

One of the prime ways you can save on energy bills is through a multi-fuel stove, which has no other cost attached to it other than the fuel you purchase. With a multi-fuel stove, you can warm up the desired area promptly and efficiently.

5.) Sturdy and Durable Enclosure

It’s safe to say that once you buy a multi-fuel stove, you’ll have it with you for many years. Due to its durable nature, confined by solid steel, it’ll serve you until you feel as though you decide you want a new one.

6.) Overall Look and Feel

Multi Fuel stoves have a retro feel and look about them, which makes them much more desirable. They have been around for decades and are tried and tested. They look the part too.


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