Saltfire ST-X4 Multi-Fuel Logstore Stove


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The new Saltfire ST-X4 Logstore stove is another new addition to Saltfire’s range of ultra-clean-burning stoves. Unlike other logstore models that are raised on a separate stand, the new ST-X4 logstore has a completely new one-piece stove body with a built-in logstore and a new height of 689mm. The ST-X4 is rated at 4.1kW output, and approximately 80% efficiency. It has simple and easy to operate user-friendly controls and is also much cleaner than the required standard for “DEFRA” exemption, which means it can legally be used to burn wood anywhere in the UK including the strictest of smoke control zones. The ST-X4 is also SIA Ecodesign ready which means it emits less particulates than older stoves. The stove is ready to install, no assembly is required and comes complete with high temperature


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